Monday, July 26, 2010

Po! Len! Ta!


Upon hearing that Brian had both a) lots of work at the office, and b) plans to see Predator with a friend, I promptly came home and whipped myself up a LOVELY meal of organic broccolini and grilled polenta (stovetop instead of real grill, out of propane, sadly) topped with pesto, tomato, and parmesan. Also, last week we got a Groupon for a poopload of great California wines for like, 70% off the original price of $poopload. Chilled sauvignon blanc? Don't mind if I do!

Sal and I lounged around and enjoyed the summery evening, and the polenta was so damn good that I got right back up and grilled myself another piece, this time attempting to make it a "dessert polenta." I must say, my strawberry polentacake adventure was not half bad!

For more tales of culinary adventure, check out my sis's blog for the play-by-play on this weekend's Great Hotdog Cookoff!