Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knot: Tied.

You guys, you guys... we GOT MARRIED!!!

I know most people must feel this way, but there are really no words to describe the day and how perfect it was, every detail went above and beyond our expectations. Of course I'm talking about the beauty of the locations, and the decor and food and flowers and tables, because those. Were. AMAZING. But I also mean the intangible details, the things that made us stop, and gasp, and feel intoxicated: the fact that the sun came out as I was walking to my parents' house to get ready, the unbelievable ceremony, the vows that expressed perfectly how we feel about one another, the music, the fact that everyone stood around outside the church next to the lake listening to my cousin play jazz, the way everyone wove their way around Salvage One during the cocktail hour, exploring and taking pictures of all the amazing pieces, the way it looked when I turned around on the little stage and saw an absolute sea of smiling loving faces looking up at us, the incredible toasts, Brian and I sneaking away for awesome pictures, our first dance, my dad and I doing a salsa, my sister, cousin and I busting out a surprise Irish dance, the donuts, the way nobody left the dance floor, and the fact that we WERE, thankfully, able to stop during every one of these moments and actually savor it's beauty and not let it go by in a whirlwind like everyone said it would.

Sorry if that's too much. But that's how it felt.

I'm still eagerly awaiting the photos from our absolutely incredible photographer (check her out at! Seriously!), but here is a little taste she sent and one of my faves. Because, of course, all that stuff I just talked about was about these two happy lovebirds right here...

Honeymoon details to come...