Monday, September 22, 2008


Those of you who are still loyal readers (why? I am a terrible blogger!) are probably family and friends who already know this, but just in case...

Brian and I got engaged!

Happiness and a ring pop.

It was perfect. On September 5th I was frantically packing for a weekend in Michigan when he came home from work and mysteriously led me to my parents' backyard, where there was a picnic blanket and champagne. He proposed in the most beautiful way and I accepted (duh), after which he presented me with a pink plastic ring pop, a placeholder of sorts, until we could go looking together and find something perfect that I loved.

But wait! There's more! That night I was only told we'd be going "somewhere" at 9pm. We arrived at Juicy Wine Co., and on the lovely roof deck were both of our families, ready to toast us with champagne and cheese, and amazing pumpkin cookies ordered specially by Brittnye from One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn. And just as I was remarking that One Girl is right near Susie's house in Cobble Hill, who should walk in but Susie herself!! Unbelievable. We had a great night with our families, and I thought it couldn't get better. Just then, of course, it did. Early the next morning I was surprised by the arrival of Abbey, from the opposite coast. She, Susie, Annie, Brian and I went on our first ring shopping trip all together, and I couldn't imagine a more special group to have there.

Our moms were wearing the same shirt by accident. Isn't that weird?

The week continued... as an additional surprise, Brian planned a little extended weekend trip to Mexico City, a place I've always wanted to go. We hit museums, Teotihuacan, tons of restaurants, and even more neighborhoods. And when we got back to Chicago, I found the perfect ring: an Art Deco antique from the 30s.

Can you even believe all that?! I'm so lucky.

Plans for the actual big day are in the works, and we found a venue, which means we can chill a bit and just fantasize about possibilities for just a little while longer. I'll post more details when we've chosen an official date...