Monday, December 15, 2008

My newest nephew.

This is Lorenzo.

Ready for the first day of puppy preschool!

He was technically my Christmas present to my sister Annie, although he entered our lives just a couple of days after Thanksgiving. His shelter name was Twitch, which Annie quickly changed to the more majestic and fitting Lorenzo de Medici, after the great Renaissance patron of the arts. I think he lives up to his name. Just as the original made his way into so many of the paintings and murals of the great Italian masters, so has our little man made his way into our hearts! Obviously it wasn't hard for me, I've wanted a dog my entire life, but this doggie has some major power. I have never in my entire life seen my mother pet a dog, and she actually willingly held him on her lap and fed him, while my dad slips him meat under the table!

He's our little man!