Sunday, June 08, 2008


Am I alive? Yes.

It's been a long and extremely busy few weeks. First, my organization put on the first Chicago Mexican and Latino Book Fair, which was a great success and a ton of work. However, because of the event I had the pleasure of hosting several amazing artists from Latin America. First, this woman stayed with me for a weekend, and she was incredible. A children's book author, storyteller, singer, and social lecturer from Mexico, she entertained me for two days with stories, hilarious wordplays, and songs. Literally. She pulled out the guitar and sang for me in my apartment. And after that, we lent the apartment to four members of Teatro Trono, an incredible youth and street theater/arts group from Bolivia and my favorite performers ever. People at work kept thanking me for driving them around and making sure they got fed and stuff like that, but it was a serious privilege to go to different schools and workshops and watch them mesmerize kids and adults alike.

So there was that. And THEN, it was Memorial Day weekend and the whole sculling (rowing) team went up to our teammate's beautiful house in Michigan on the St. Joseph river. We rowed for five hours each day, cooked a lot, ate a ton, napped, got massages, nursed our hand blisters and sore muscles, watched World Championship rowing races on DVD and generally chillaxed as much as we could while still being competitive. I seriously did not want to leave, ever.

Double race pieces...

Now I'm trying to get back to that long lost place where I cooked the veggies that we get delivered each week and actually spend time in the apartment. But it's like 90 degrees, which makes me not want to be inside with our dinky fan. So we'll see.