Sunday, December 19, 2010

Next come the good ideas.

In an effort to NOT make "get back to blogging!" one of my New Year's resolutions, I'm getting back to it now. Plus, I just joined Twitter and I'm kind of enjoying it, so I feel like I should keep up with my other digital communications.

I've been so enjoying the lead-up to the holidays! My classes are over and work is slowing down, so I've been able to be in the house doing fun holiday-ish things like cooking and decorating and crafting so much more often than I normally can. Also, we got a ridiculous new TV somehow. (Brian: Let's just walk around Best Buy for fun! Me: Cool, I need a new bluetooth thingy for my phone. Brian: Omg, look at this amazing tv! Whhhaaat? It's 60% off? No interest for three years?! Me: Do it. Fill out whatever papers are necessary and meet me at West Elm.) So I've been able to watch episodes of 30 Rock and Glee while I make crafts and stew. ;)

There. Those random thoughts weren't so hard to type out. Boring, but not difficult. Welcome back to me.