Thursday, January 18, 2007


Okay, I hope you've seen this. We here have been humming the song for weeks. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it immediately, because it is also very important that you watch this immediately after. That little gem has apparently already been viewed by over a million people, who knows how quickly. Thanks to the lovely Abbey (aka La Palta) for making my week.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bonne Annee!

Well, hello there. Happy New Year! I have, indeed, been back in town for a week now, but I can't be expected to write a "January" blog post if the 55-degree weather keeps confusing me into thinking it's a different season, right? Clearly, overcoming procrastination was not one of my New Year's resolutions. Whatever.

Anyway, Quebec 2007! First we went to Mont Tremblant to ski for a couple of days, testing out our ski legs and new gear. This here is my favorite picture:

Dramatic, n'est pas? And here's Brian looking wicked hot in his one-piece:

So after an exhilarating (and freezing) two days on the slopes, we set off for a few more days in Montreal, where it is beautiful, full of francophones, and yes, also quite cold:

We did visit the basilica, the art museum, the campus of McGill, and Old Montreal. But in general we spent a great deal of time just walking the city, which was a great way to experience it, and also the perfect reason to stop every twenty minutes for un cafe au lait.

We were even lucky enough to meet a hip Montrealer who worked in a store full of vintage and handmade clothing, and she directed us to two nights of fabulous dinners and a really fun New Year's dance party. Oh, and I must recommend Chez Phillipe, the wonderful bed and breakfast where we stayed and had absurdly good food and pleasant conversation every day. The place is decorated with comfortable, trendy Ikea cuteness and each room is named for the fruit whose color is represented in the paint on the wall. The best part? Our room was called the Mango Room!

So that concludes my short photo description of our lovely little trip. I may be physically back in Chicago, but I'm still mentally somewhere else. It's a good state of mind.