Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fennel and apples and chives, oh my!

Things I haven't been doing much of: sleeping, blogging.

Things I have been doing a lot of: rowing, improv, COOKING!

Let's talk about that last item, shall we? Okay! The story behind it is, we joined a CSA with Brittnye a few weeks ago. If you're not familiar with CSAs, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and when you join one, you regularly receive a box full of veggies and fruit from local farms. You're supporting local food production, in this case organic, and you get whatever is in season, whether it be root vegetables, apples, or garlic. In our case, we actually get home delivery once a week, and the produce comes from several local farms, so we always get lots of different stuff.

This has revolutionized my life.

I was already trying to cook more, but this... this is special. I was unprepared for the joy I would feel at peeking out the back door and seeing that non-descript gray cooler box waiting for me. I pulled out the surprises one by one, gazing at them, smelling them, feeling their weight in my hands. Fennel! Leeks! Carrots! Kale! Everything I sliced emitted amazing aromas, even the shiitake mushrooms. If you know me at all, you know that I normally stay far, far away from any type of mushroom. I've tried to like them, I really have. But in this case, I didn't have to try. Those babies had me at "oh, what's in this little paper bag?" They looked so fresh and were so aromatic that I promptly made a fennel-mushroom sautee and loved every bite of it.

And it's only gotten better from there. Between in-depth gmail chat conversations with my foodie sister, emails/phone calls with Brittnye (Brian's foodie sister), and some quality time with Marcella Hazan, a sort of magic began. The thrill of seeing what I could do with what had arrived on the back porch--knowing the quality of everything was always great--became addicting. Roasted beets, leek pesto, the best freaking green beans ever... I think I'm in love.

Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Oh wait, I have a blog too?

Yeesh, sorry about that. Busy couple of weeks, much less time spent with computer! A few things I've been up to (#1 is the reason I didn't use the computer at work, and #2 is the reason I'm always too exhausted to do anything once I get home):

1. The Fourth Grade Play that Would Never Die finally kicked the bucket. Thank god. I didn't think I could spend any more time telling 9-year-olds to speak up. For those who don't know, it really doesn't matter, but this was the culmination of a drama residency I did at a couple of schools with fourth graders. Of course, everyone wants to see a "product," so we had to do something and the whole process kind of took forever, with every day the last week becoming a big effort. Still, the performances were cute, and the kids really amazed me with their effort and ability to memorize lines and blocking. And the parents got pictures and video, which is ultimately what's important, not actually be able to hear the lines, right?

2. It may have been a week ago, but I believe I'm still feeling the effects of Physical Challenge Weekend 2008. It all started with the fact that about a month ago I started rowing again, a lot, with a new intense coach. I didn't plan it that way, but last weekend I ended up having to do a 6km erg (rowing machine) test on Saturday and then the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday. It really wasn't all that dramatic, but I was proud of myself for never puking throughout the whole weekend and getting through both events better than I expected! Since then we've been able to finally start rowing on the water, so it's still taking up most mornings...

That's what I've been up to, pretty normal stuff. Be back with more exciting things (hopefully) very soon!