Friday, August 26, 2005

Damn technology.

Ummmm...yes. So I'm exhausted and I've been home for nearly two hours after a super long day, yet I'm sitting cross-legged in my room with my back starting to cramp up, wide awake for no good reason at 2:17am, staring at a screen.

Hooray, hooray, for our very own newly-installed wireless internet!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Trains, planes, boats, and the Chinatown Bus.

I feel like I've been such a blog slacker, but we got internet installed today, so hopefully that will all change. Still, it's been long enough that I think I need to do a few updates.

Recent events, in order of occurrence:

Dad and Marg win!

Hooraaaaaay, first place! Best Daddy-Daughter race ever! Besides the race, I got to hang with my parents, Annie, Brendan, and Dan and Cedar, who are the hippest cousins ever and have a swank new condo.

Soon after being in Boston for the race, I hopped a flight to San Francisco...wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. So I get off the plane after a 6-hour flight and Brian is there to meet me. If that's not great enough, he soon hands me a piece of paper with a map on it and directions to an address downtown. He was working the next day, so he instructed me to go to the address at 11am and tell them my name. When I got there it turned out to be a spa and he had surprised me with a massage appointment! Whaaaaa...?!! I mean, really. Don't forget, the last time I saw him he organized a surprise birthday party, so pretty much all of my friends want to marry him at this point. Anyway, the entire week was lovely, not because of the surprise spa thing but because we actually got to spend time together after a ridiculous five weeks apart. The week was filled with really good meals and pretty sights, and I would have been completely devastated to leave if it weren't for the fact that I was going to be in Chicago only a week and a half later. Woot!

Now it's back to NYC and all that, getting settled, for realz. Our final roommate moved in last night! That's right, Graham arrived from Michigan around 9:30pm (and unloaded a ridiculously small amount of stuff, compared to what the rest of us brought). This morning he and I rocked out to Spanish pop in the living room. It's so nice to have him here. Also, Abbey was in town and brightened all of our lives for a few short days (and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Reefs was reunited at last).

And oh, oh, oh! I think I got a job! It's not official, but I might now have a part time position as the activities specialist (though I prefer "activities guru") at an after-school program in Brooklyn. Basically I get to decide what's fun and do it. Word. More on that as it progresses, but many thanks to the Borkins for facilitating that one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Here are some cool things going on in my life:

1. Five days until San Francisco!

2. Andrew is back in NYC! He and Susie and I played around the Village and Lower East Side yesterday. Our afternoon included a yummy vegetarian lunch at Red Bamboo, a rather long walk to find a missing backpack, a very early and extrememly inexpensive happy hour, and McFlurries. It's so exciting to have him here, and to hear about his crazy summer as a Marine chaplain.

3. I finished my first grad school class by turning in my final paper yesterday. That was exciting, and I felt like I did a pretty good job and learned a lot. Hooray.

4. I got a carpet for my room! That's really only exciting to a few people, but it's really nice that that complicated quest is over.

Now for the next month, I get to row in a race with my father, go visit Brian (holy crap, it will have been five weeks without seeing each other by the time I get there--I am soooooooo excited), and then go home for a wacky family reunion in the form of my uncle's 50th birthday, all before classes begin after Labor Day.