Monday, May 29, 2006

Fleet Week 2006: Success!

Well kids, I am now about to expose my real reason for relocating to New York snag myself a sailor during the much anticipated yearly celebration of Fleet Week, when all those ships dock in the NYC harbor and the Navy lads go looking for fun. And did I ever bag me a seaman! Check him out:

Okay, okay...he's not really a random naval officer I picked up in a bar, and he may not actually have taken me to the Fleet Week ball. But we did have lunch at Cafe Bar in Astoria, Queens, while he was all gussied up in his dress whites. Doesn't he look sooo Top Gun?! "He" is my dear friend Andrew, a rabbinical student here in NYC who has worked as a chaplain in the Navy. He had a special meeting with an admiral, so he got to get dressed up, and we decided to make an afternoon of it. Hey, those creases take time!

Turns out it was a weekend of Andrew fun, which is a special brand of fantastic. Today we spent all day at his sweet place, reading Hebrew children's books about where babies come from, cooking a meal of fajitas, mango salsa, and peach-apple pie, and watching many of our very favorite episodes from the Buffy box set.

But that was only the end of my day. After a night of salsa dancing and a slumber party with Annie and Brendan, we got up this morning and walked around Fort Greene with our coffee mugs. Then Annie whipped up a brunch of pistachio french toast and ricotta fritatta muffins.

You know, just your typical Sunday morning spread.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hold your breath!

Brian says that even when he visits, he checks my blog and is very often disappointed that I haven't posted. Even though I think he's sort of setting himself up--it's not as if I could slip away from his company and secretly write a blog post, after all--I have to agree that I've been lax.

But lots has been going on! First off, Anniepalooza 2006! That's right, our li'lest Conway graduated from NYU amidst much fanfare and an entire week of festivities. Even David Blaine showed up and was unsuccessful in stealing her thunder, even though he set up his little bubble literally outside the building where Annie's commencement happened, and attempted to break the world record for breath-holding pretty much at the exact moment she walked across the stage. (Seriously I'm not kidding, after they called her name and I realized there were still 150 names to go, I went to the bathroom and watched, from the balcony of Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, Senor Blaine being dramatically pulled from his tank after seven minutes. Pretty freaking weird.)

My parents were in town for an entire week for this, which was way fun. Both my sister and I realized how little our mom and dad get to see of our actual lives here, since whenever they visit it's only for a weekend. They got to see where we worked--and in my case, got put to work themselves helping with the kids activities I was running at the time--and we all ate very well for much of the week. At the end of it all, we were rewarded with the NYU school-wide graduation last Thursday, which is a somewhat ridiculous affair conducted in Washington Square Park. It involves a full hour and a half of students processing into the park, which I had the privilege of watching on closed-circuit TV in a nearby building, because there isn't enough room for more than two guests per student in the park! It was a nice ceremony, however, and several of the speeches were pretty good, and I was so proud of my little sis!

Brian also arrived for a short visit on Friday, and we actually stayed quite well-rested while still managing to do new/fun/cultural stuff. That's kind of a feat for a short weekend, but it's becoming more and more important to me to fill my time with the experiences that this city offers, while I have the time. We saw an amazing documentary that was part of the Sundance festival at BAM called American Blackout, which was about U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who challenged the disenfranchisement of black voters in 2000 and 2004. We also finally got to hit up Barcade, which is the simplest and coolest bar concept ever: good beers (including hand-pulled), and tons of classic 80s arcade games! Seriously, we're talking Galaga, Frogger, Tetris, Super Mario Brothers...I would not recommend going if you plan on talking to anyone but the person in the "2 Player" game with you, however. Once you start slamming those buttons and feeding those quarters, there's no socializing happening, unless it involves competitive, one-syllable yells.

And lastly, my sister and her BF, the newly birthday-ed Brendan, got themselves a pretty blue Vespa. I got to go for a ride on it, but don't worry, I was safe.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I am so ready to be done with this semester, for so many reasons. I'm trying to finish up two final assignments, and it's taking me waaaay longer than it should. It's frustrating. I need to have time to think about other things.

I'm currently in huge limbo right now about the decision of where I'll be next year, NY or Chicago. I don't want to think about it right now, but since it's consumed my thoughts for the last week or so, I thought I'd mention it.

So Sus, Josh and I woke up on this beautiful Saturday morning and watched the series finale of Six Feet Under as a family. We've all been watching the episodes at different times, but we all waited to watch the last one together. How is it that the end of a TV show can seem like the end of an era? It was amazing, and heart-wrenching, and I went for a run after and could only listen to soft, melancholy music. All of us talked about how we love the characters and how this is the only show where we truly think about them like we know them. Sigh.

In other news, my parents are coming to town today for my sister's various graduation events, and they're staying the whole week! Fun fun. They've never been here for that long since we moved here, and we're both excited for them to see actual parts of our daily lives.

Back to work. Once I'm done I'll post more, I'm sure. Ha. Speaking of which, I wish I knew how to redesign my blog template myself. It's just too much work to learn it now, but I want a new look.