Monday, March 26, 2007

Love in the library.

Audrey and Scott got married last weekend, and the ceremony and reception at the Harold Washington Library were beautiful. Ever since I was a kid I wondered what it would be like to have a wedding there, and this one did it well. The Winter Garden was filled with yummy food, music, and 1000 votive candles.

While reviewing my photos of the evening, I realized that one distinct theme emerged. Not the happy couple, nor the toasts, nor the first dance. These pictures documented, by and large, the fact that Brian had a lot of fun that night. And this is not because I am his girlfriend and like to take pictures of him! No. As you'll see, not only was he in the wedding party looking sharp in a tux, but he also found time to dip his mom:

Dance with the bride (while she's being filmed by wedding paparazzi, or so it seemed by some of their behavior and bright lights):

Grab the groom's ass:

And strike poses like this:

Throughout all of this, of course, we worked on our emerging wedding dance choreography (wherein we make up a new ridiculous dance at every wedding we attend, especially when there's a band playing) and took full advantage of the post-dinner, post-dessert chocolate fountain. We had lots of fun together.

Me encantan las montanas!

We skipped town and went to Vail over St. Patrick's Day weekend...a far cry from dancers, parades, and green beer, but well worth it. We had such a great time once again! I'd never been to Colorado, and was of course blown away by the mountains:

We also definitely felt the need for speed, so Brian and I both got helmets this year.


So we skied during the day, all day, then came back for the traditional hot tub and dinner, followed by wildly competitive board games. There were plenty of other antics, several of which involved this jacket, inexplicably left in the rental house:

And then there was this fiasco...

...which was when everyone who was still awake at 3am on our last night attacked those sleeping with all of the weird mountel animals on the wall in our rental house. I, in case you couldn't guess, was one of the ones sleeping (and, incidentally, blindly swatting at that stuffed "jackalope" that my dearest boyfriend is holding close to my face).

So, in conclusion, we had a blast. I needed a little vacation more than I thought, it was 60 degrees and sunny the entire time, and I was inundated with breathtaking views and hilarity at every turn. I can't wait to see where we go next year!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Leading lambs to water...

I've been downloading a fair amount of music lately, and I've come across a lot that I like. I'm no snob, but I have to mention a few. Beirut, for instance, with its gypsy instrumentals behind indie vocals, is incredibly interesting, as is the newest (not that new) Belle and Sebastian album. And you know who else I heart? Mickey Avalon.

If you haven't heard his music, he's this crazy glam-trash-rapper whose lyrics are pretty dirty (sort of like a male Peaches), and as Brian points out, he says his own name a lot, but all that is totally part of his scandalous charm.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well, hello there.

It's spring...

...and I've been sick of my blog's look for a while. This is only a temporary solution, I think. I need to become better at the technological side to get exactly what I want, but now at least we're not assaulted by all of that blue-green mishmash. Ugh. I'm not sure if I should switch services (to typepad or wordpress or something), or if I should just work a bit harder to learn ways that I can customize and personalize my blog a bit more. Thoughts? Help with html/ideas for easy blog customization? Feel free to leave them in the comments...