Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Remember me?  I'm back from Insane Six Weeks of Summer '08!  It was a good one, a nice mix of your everyday summer rowing competitions seasoned with a little improv study and topped with a birthday-time family reunion.  I don't know why I say I'm "back," because not much has ended except for races. But still.

In other news, I got an iPhone!  Holy crap, I know.  It was an AMAZING birthday present from Bridget, Bill, Patti, and Brian, and it has definitely changed my life.  But not in the annoying way, where I always look at it and not at real people.  At least I think.  Instead, it helps me keep up with correspondence and items that I would otherwise not get to during the day and have to deal with late at night (like I'm doing now), and also allows me to not have to call Brian once a day to ask him to go into my email and find some essential bit of information that I neglected to write down.  And, it has GPS.  GPS, people!  For some reason this blows my mind, probably because I've experienced GPS very very few times before.  Like, there is actually a dot that represents me on a map created by an object in space.  And it helped us find our race course in New Jersey like seven different times.   Unreal.

That's all.  I don't talk about many things other than rowing and iPhones these days, it seems. At least I'm talking about something.